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“IESE stands out as a place where truly diverse people come together to exchange ideas and create a better future. This diversity of people and ideas is possible only by providing access to students of all backgrounds. Allianz believes in the power of such diversity and has made a commitment to IESE scholarships to ensure that the brightest minds have access to an IESE education”.

Josep Lluis Ferré



“IESE is unique because it wants to change the world through leadership development. Its research supports this objective, offering innovative solutions to challenges, looking beyond the immediate horizon and through a global approach. At Boehringer Ingelheim, we call this “research without borders” and it’s one of our core values. In 2018, we launched the Chronicity Research Fund a strategic alliance between IESE and Boehringer Ingelheim, a collaboration that seeks to strengthen leadership competencies in the healthcare management space and the public health system”.

Joan Heras

Market Access Head


“CaixaBank is a reference of socially responsible banking. For this reason, we’re extremely proud of our years of support of IESE’s CaixaBank Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility, which aspires to spread new knowledge and drive a positive impact in the business sector. We help companies address current challenges by generating new ideas grounded on a common value: social commitment”.

Jordi Gual

President (2016 – 2021)


“The Fritz Henkel Stiftung aims to contribute to positive change in the world by funding by projects that address education, social need for action, and equality of opportunity. Our support of scholarships for IESE PhD students embodies these three areas. By providing full tuition for a student for their entire career at IESE, we have made it possible for these individuals to get a world-class education that teaches them how to make a positive difference in business and the world. This is one important way we are contributing to change.”

Karol Monique Westhoff


Global Head of Corporate Citizenship

“When Franz approached us about supporting a new classroom at IESE specifically for teaching Entrepreneurship, a lightbulb went off. This gift allows us to have a significant impact on tomorrow’s leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship. Thanks to the opportunity to fund a state-of-the-art classroom that connects students with the content they need to think creatively, strategically, and humanistically about business solutions, IESE students will now link Grupo Damm with this kind of dynamism and forward thinking”.

Ramon Agenjo Bosch

Secretary of the Board


“Innovation is an essential part of Mercadona, which is why we believed a collaboration with IESE could have a real impact. For us, collaborating on projects like the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Hub is especially rewarding. By enhancing students’ knowledge, this initiative will bear fruit when, in the future, they commit to innovation and new approaches to resolve problems”.

Bernat Morales

Director of Institutional Relations


“Developing a diverse, multi-generational, innovative workforce requires a commitment to understanding the world beyond our borders. Generations of the Puig family have supported IESE based on this simple fact: that to foster global understanding, you must invest in a diversity of people, programs, and places. That is why Puig invests in IESE classrooms—these are the places where understanding begins, and courageous conversations take place”.

Marc Puig

Chairman and CEO


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