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From attracting world-class scholars to creating educational forums that foster collaboration, inspiration and dialogue, your contribution helps us elevate our impact in the global business world.

Four interconnected pillars – People, Ideas, Innovation and Global Understanding – are the focus of our fundraising efforts. Working in tandem, they amplify our voice and empower our vision.

People are at the heart of IESE’s human-centric approach to management and the core of our fundraising initiatives. To promote our vision, transformational gifts are needed for two fundamental areas: student scholarships and faculty development funds.

We offer merit- and need-based scholarships to attract MBA and PhD students with exceptional intellectual capabilities and excellent academic records, regardless of their financial resources. The school also needs funds to cover the elevated cost of preparing young professors. Every year, IESE actively recruits 5 to 10 global scholars and invests in a multi-year personalized development plan to ensure they flourish both as educators and researchers.

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Positive change can only be powered through the constant generation of new ideas that address today’s complex challenges. Highly valued in both academic and corporate realms, IESE research provides insights to help students become successful leaders and thoughtful analysis to help global executives better address their most pressing challenges.

We aim to intensify our research impact through a two-pronged approach: by raising permanent endowed funding for faculty Chairs and by investing in research centers. Increased funding will enable us to continue delivering forward-looking analyses to students and executives who crave to delve deeper.

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While the case study remains a cornerstone of our pedagogical approach, technological advances have unleashed numerous opportunities for enhancing in-person learning and students’ critical-thinking, creativity and analytical competencies.

We are constantly on the lookout for learning innovations that intensify its learning impact. By contributing to the IESE Innovation Fund, you’ll help us equip our global classrooms – both onsite and online – with the trailblazing learning strategies.

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We believe success in a globalized business arena is only attainable through an appreciation of the world’s complexities and differences across borders, cultures and markets.

In alignment with our international outlook, we aspire to bolster our global footprint in both breadth and depth by extending our reach to new markets and reinforcing our presence in core locations. Our current endeavors include a new state-of-the-art building on our Madrid campus or enhancements to our New York campus. Your contribution will literally provide the building blocks for these strategic projects.

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